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New campsite classification

On July 6th, 2010, a new decree officially concerning the campsites classifiation replaced one from January 11th, 1993. Therefore, Atout France, an organization commissioned by the Minister in charge of Tourism, Hervé Novelli, has redesigned the old system and proceeded to the creation of new criteria.

This order follows a more comprehensive reform on the modernization of tourist services started on July 22nd, 2009. This aims to dynamise French tourism and to standardize the classification system.
These are the main lines for the development :
The creation of a fifth star
From now on, campsites offering a higher quality will be able to get a fifth star. This is mainly to allow these campsite a better international visibility, as well as to standardize the quality level offered in some French campsites.
Thanks to this new classification, 8 of our campsites are now 5-star campsites : Les Blancs Chênes, Les Grosses Pierres, L'Océan Le Croisic, Le Lac des 3 Vallées, Le Sen Yan, La Sirène, L'Eden and Les Prairies de la Mer, pledging their high quality services.
A 5-year validity period
With the previous system, campsites were given a classification and this was changed only upon request or if they encounter major changes. Nowadays, this classifiation is only valid for 5 years, which garantees the clients that the campsite still respects the expected level of quality.
An optional classification
A campsite can decide not to be have an official classification, whereas it used to be mandatory at the opening of a campsite.
However, all of our campsites chose to get an official classification, which allows you to assess the services and to choose the best detination for your camping holidays.
A new rating system
Criteria used to be based on figures (number of washbasins, electric plugs). With the new system, qualitative critera, such as services and facilities, are taken into account while awarding the classification.
Therefore, a 5-star classification is now a proof of great quality services, as well as facilities, such as for example a wellness center.

Towards a criteria evolution

Some criteria became old-fashioned, such as the presence of phone booths, while some criteria were needed, such as the Wifi on the campsite. These criteria has been adapted and will be continuously changed according to new trends and customers needs.
Besides, the dimension of "sustainable development" has been added, and items such as waste management, water and energies saving policy are now taken into account.
Click here to know more about this new classification (PDF).

Choose to stay in a smart mobile-home

Choose to stay in a smart mobile-home

Thanks to a collaboration with EDF (French Energy Group), and its subsidiary System Energy, Vagues Océanes chose to equip its mobile-homes with a system of centralized management MOB'I. It consists in an automat equipped with sensors, which is connected to a central system.

This informatic system allows you to manage your mobile-home, which enables you to save energy, to detect fire hazards or break-ins, as well as to make it more comfortable for the clients.
Vagues Océanes chose to adopt this equipment in order to decrease the carbon footprint and to create pedestrian eco-neighbourhood.

More information

"MOB'I" is composed by an automat and sensors, which are installed in the heart of a 100% electric mobile-home, which communicate through a centralized management system. The campsite can manage directly your mobile-home from the reception desk. Sensors located inside the mobile-home will give lve information about the accommodation.